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Kenesjay Green Announces the Establishment of the Trinidad and Tobago Hydrogen Research Collaborative (H2RC)

Kenesjay Green Announces the Establishment of the Trinidad and Tobago Hydrogen Research Collaborative (H2RC)

Port of Spain, June 8th, 2021 – Mr. Philip Julien – Chairman of Kenesjay Green and Managing Director of NewGen Energy, today shared in his company’s vision for greener energy supply and the rapidly growing global demand for New Carbon-free Green Hydrogen. He also gave insights into the opportunity for T&T to establish itself as a first-mover hydrogen differentiator and to build on the country’s legacy in the global energy space. Mr. Julien was addressing the audience on Day Two of the annual Energy Conference 2021.


New Hydrogen, with low or no carbon footprint, is seen as the fuel of the future to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 


Mr. Julien explained that “T&T has been exporting millions of tonnes of Hydrogen annually for decades ‘disguised’ as ammonia and methanol using carbon-emitting natural gas”. He further stated that “if we can change the hydrogen feedstock from the natural gas molecule to the water molecule and use renewable and carbon neutral energy in its creation, we as a country will be primed and ready to export, transport and sell this highly sought after global commodity known as new hydrogen in the form of carbon neutral green ammonia and methanol”. 


Prime Minister Rowley, in his opening address at the conference, expressed that Government “is currently exploring the feasibility and regulatory aspects of a hydrogen economy in Trinidad and Tobago.” Dr. Rowley also shared that “The MEEI has established a Multidisciplinary Committee to develop a hydrogen economy framework for Trinidad and Tobago and the Committee should be presenting its preliminary report for the consideration of the Minister in the very near future.” He further stated that “As we meet here now new investments are being readied to use renewable energy electricity to run through state owned TTEC, to manufacture hydrogen, by a process of water electrolysis, to provide this product to ammonia plants in Pt Lisas. This major green investment has the potential generate significant tax revenues, temporary and permanent jobs as we green the economy.”


The NewGen project is expected to provide a new carbon-neutral and green hydrogen feedstock for the state-owned Tringen Ammonia production facility in Point Lisas. 


In addressing the future possibility of Point Lisas becoming a model hybrid engine for positive climate change globally, and a leading example of an Energy Transition Estate, Mr. Julien outlined three (3) roles of a ‘new’ T&T hydrogen economy: 


  1. Revitalizing the sustainability of T&T petrochemical sector,
  2. Revitalizing the intellectual and innovative prowess gained from past successes, and 
  3. Revitalizing confidence in the T&T Energy sector.

Mr. Julien was enthusiastic about how “the new global demand for ‘New Hydrogen’ has granted the petrochemical sector a new lease on life”. This, he shared was the driver behind the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which was recently signed by The National Gas Company (NGC), Kenesjay Green Limited (KGL) and NewGen Limited, in a shared interest of bringing greener, commercially viable solutions to Trinidad and Tobago’s local energy sector.  This non-commercial agreement aims in part to develop green industrial development projects as a major diversification effort and sustainable economic development. 


In his closing statements, Mr. Julien announced KGL’s next significant initiative – the launch of the Hydrogen Research Collaborative (H2RC) – “an initiative that will harness the intellectual prowess of our country and our region’s intellectual capital from private sector, public sector and tertiary institutions”. 


Both The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) and The University of the West Indies (UWI) have already joined the H2RC.  


Through joint efforts with NGC, National Energy, and the Hydrogen Research Collaborative, KGL committed to completing a wind study to assess wind availability for renewable energy generation in Trinidad and Tobago. 



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  • The Trinidad and Tobago Hydrogen Research Collaborative (H2RC) is a focussed research effort on the advancement and adoption of green hydrogen as part of T&T’s energy mix.
  • Our goal is to establish T&T as a regional leader in the adoption of green hydrogen through education, public advocacy and applied research as part of our transition to a more sustainable, carbon-free future.

What Do We Want to Achieve?

  • Stimulate research and development in removing barriers to the adoption of Green Hydrogen and related technologies, as well as the need for expansion of renewable energy as part of our energy mix
  • Promote the significant advantages in economic development and job creation by encouraging the growth of Green Hydrogen Industries


Areas of Emphasis

Resources will be mobilized by the partnering entities to support research and development in the following areas:  

  • solar power generation 
  • wind power generation
  • carbon capture
  • greening of local industrial plants
  • the electrolysis process
  • environment, social and governance systems
  • energy efficiency 


  • The H2RC will target tertiary level students, researchers and energy enthusiasts all in an effort to introduce the production and use of Green Hydrogen, its positive environmental impact, and preparation of new career opportunities that will be created as the demand for renewable energy and green hydrogen grows in the years ahead.
  • It is expected that the research agenda of the Collaborative will catalyse the transformation of the curriculum and research of the institutions, including professional development courses for green industry development. 


The Collaborative will:

  • Support polices for the development of a National Policy Framework jointly with the Ministry of Energy, NGC and other key stakeholders.
  • Further define of the T&T Hydrogen Value Chain, the T&T Value Proposition for Green Hydrogen, and its uniqueness to be a world class hydrogen energy generator and exporter.
  • Provide an outlook on the potential contribution of hydrogen to T&T`s economic diversification
  • Develop academic research and proposals on novel hydrogen production processes, storage and applications.
  • Identification of Green Jobs within a Future T&T Hydrogen Economy.
  • Create opportunities to publicly address all of the above through publications, workshops, conferences, and public engagement.