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KGL Selects io Consulting to perform Preliminary FEED services for the NewGen Hydrogen Facility

KGL Selects io Consulting to perform Preliminary FEED services for the NewGen Hydrogen Facility

Kenesjay Green Limited (Ltd.) has selected the global engineering consulting firm io Consulting to perform Front End Engineering Design (FEED) work for the planned NewGen Limited Carbon Neutral / Green Hydrogen Project with 27,200 mtpy production capacity.  Scheduled for completion in 2025, this will be the first electrolysis-based hydrogen production facility to be built in Point Lisas, Trinidad, and one of the first of this scale in the world.

This decision follows the conclusion of an evaluation of proposals submitted by a number of internationally renowned engineering contractors, which were received in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for FEED services issued in Q2 2021. 

This carbon-neutral hydrogen will be used by the local Tringen Ammonia Facility to decarbonize its existing operations and provide a new source of hydrogen for ammonia production.  The NewGen plant will provide some 20% additional hydrogen feedstock required for the ammonia plant, becoming one of the first commercially viable new hydrogen production facilities globally.

Richard Dyson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of io Consulting, stated “our team of highly experienced industry experts is passionate about the new possibilities for Hydrogen in both transforming the energy sector with cleaner inputs and accelerating the decarbonization thrust. We look forward to working with the NewGen Team on this project, not only for what it brings to Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Sector, but also to the World, as it is proof that we can be carbon neutral and industrial at the same time. We will ensure close communication with KGL as Project Owner and Developer, to ensure that the FEED-related requirements are addressed in a timely and professional manner.”

io Consulting is commencing its FEED-related work with NewGen, by initiating the final selection of a suitable  Electrolyser Technology Supplier, since the Electrolyser OEM Supply is a major component of the design for the overall NewGen Facility. 

About io Consulting:

io is a pioneering development consultancy firm as a joint venture between Baker Hughes and McDermott with the mission to work in the early front end of projects, bringing specific techno-economic expertise integrated with the access to technology and execution know-how of their parents and partner organizations. As specialist energy project architects, io helps their clients to conceptualize and design complex project developments, across the hydrocarbon and low carbon sectors. They operate in the earliest stages of the planning process, combining front end techno-economic consulting expertise with our Baker Hughes’ and McDermott’s deep domain execution and technical know-how to bring much greater certainty to the early stages of projects. As a systems integrator io ensures all elements of projects work together to achieve the objectives of the whole. Baker Hughes is a leading energy technology company, which designs, manufactures and services transformative technologies to advance the energy sector. McDermott is a premier, fully integrated provider of engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry with technology driven approaches to design and build infrastructure solutions for transforming the oil and gas sector. 

About Kenesjay Green Limited:

Kenesjay Green Limited is a regional energy revolution company that is dedicated to developing a pipeline of viable decarbonizing and green project opportunities that create pioneering first-mover advantages. KGL generate green-growth business opportunities in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Greening of Existing Industries, Leveraging the New Hydrogen Economy, Carbon Reduction and Transportation Transition. NewGen Energy Limited (NewGen), is the launch project of Kenesjay Green Limited and has embarked on the development of a proposed carbon-neutral/green hydrogen production facility – a first for Trinidad & Tobago. The NewGen project is centered on the development of the world’s first industrial-scale Carbon Neutral/Green Hydrogen Plant which will produce carbon-neutral hydrogen for downstream processing via a process of water electrolysis. The intent is to supply Low Carbon & Green Hydrogen (H2) to the Tringen Ammonia Facility in Point Lisas.