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Origins Story



“At Kenesjay Green, we are committed to actively participating in achieving regional goals for reduced greenhouse gas emissions, a greener energy sector and more sustainable use of environmental resources.  The Kenesjay Green mandate is to bring the future to the present by taking what exists and transforming it into what could be.” 




The Kenesjay Green Team is Leading the Renewables Future for the Caribbean 


Kenesjay Systems Limited (KSL) has reinforced its value to the energy transition agenda with the launch of Kenesjay Green Limited (KGL), the newest addition to its energy consultancy business.


Parent company KSL was founded in 1998 by energy icon, Professor Kenneth S. Julien, with the aim of creating a globally accessible resource of TT expertise, drawn from a cadre of professionals who were significant contributors to the development of the natural gas energy sector of Trinidad and Tobago.  That pioneering spirit of the KSL Founder led to the establishment of the natural gas industrial complex on the island.  


That same spirit is shaping the push for renewable energy as the new affiliate adds ‘green” energy knowledge and capability to KSL. Kenesjay Green delivers research capability, advisory services and investment opportunities for transformation and decarbonisation of existing brownfield energy-based industries across the Caribbean region, throughout the energy value chain.P

Tribute to 

Professor Julien


The energy sector has fueled the development of the economy of Trinidad and Tobago. That has not happened overnight, but more importantly, its success has depended on nationals of our country. The country’s investment in education at all levels is generating dividends if not in money but in the overall economic development of the country.”




NOVEMBER 26 2018